Request a School Counselor in Your District

With our years of helping students in Suffolk County deal with difficult issues, we are committed to continuing to serve our districts with the most current and relevant prevention programs. We are well positioned because of our knowledge base, collective wisdom, and excellent relationship with schools to further the cause of identifying and assisting student’s social, emotional needs early and effectively.

When a school district contracts with SAS, they purchase a cost-effective service along with a counselor being assigned to a particular school. Counselors establish themselves in their buildings through faculty and classroom presentations. When a student sees the SAS counselor, the counselor will provide an assessment and help formulate a plan. This may include a referral to an in-school group with the professional counselor or other pupil personnel service. Those students in need of other services are referred to resources within the community. The program focuses on a model of universal, selected and indicated interventions. This highlights the importance of establishing building-wide initiatives in addition to reaching out to the community while working with students and groups.

Please feel free to call if you would like further information about how to participate in our program. The phone number is (631) 289-0078.

teacher with student