Prevention in Action

Districts across Long Island are encouraged to take advantage of a number of national initiatives to help build resiliency among their students and encourage positive mental health initiatives into both their curriculums and support services.
P.S. I Love You Day
Held on the second Friday of February, this special suicide prevention initiative encourages students to wear purple and stand up to bullying.
Great Vape/Smoke Out
This American Cancer Society event encourages smokers and vape users to join others across the country on the third Thursday in November to take the first step to living a smoke or vape-free life.
Unity Day – Bullying Prevention
The signature event of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Many schools across the country dedicate the third or fourth Wednesday of October to this special event, which encourages students and staff to wear orange, and unite for kindness, acceptance and inclusion to prevent students being bullied.
Mental Health Initiative
Research has shown when young people are educated about mental health they increase their likelihood to help their peers and themselves when they recognize problems. The Center for Disease Control has shown that educating students about mental health when younger is more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a bystander can make a positive difference in a bullying situation by becoming an upstander. An upstander is someone who sees what happens and intervenes, interrupts, or speaks up to stop the bullying.
Gambling Awareness Month
March is Gambling Awareness Month, and the goals of the campaign are to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of preventions, treatment and recovery services as well as to encourage healthcare providers to screen clients for problem gambling.