Importance of Early Intervention

a group of students with a teacher
Student Assistance Services (SAS) has been a leader in Suffolk County for over 40 years, working with students and staff to help promote a positive school climate that intervenes early to identify students before problems escalate into more serious and higher risk behaviors. The Student Assistance Service has provided drug and alcohol prevention, violence prevention, and early intervention services to over 100,000 youngsters in Suffolk County Schools, using the most appropriate evidence-based programs and strategies in targeted populations.

Understanding and identifying risk and protective factors help prevent problem behavior and promote healthy development among children, adolescents and young adults. When school districts are proactive and apply early intervention efforts for their students, the result is a reduction in the problems associated with substance misuse, reducing the risk behaviors, improving health and social functions and preventing progression to a disorder or the need for supportive services. Student Assistance Services program provides prevention counseling to students, trainings for staff and connects students and their families to resources, services and supports.